We, TANAKA Precious Metals supports the future of INNOVATION as a professional of precious metals. We participated the INNOVATION WORLD FESTA in 2018 as a sponsor, which Tokyo-based FM radio station, J-WAVE organized. In the event we collaborated with media artists and students from Tsukuba University to make a Tsukuba-Innovation-themed presentation, which was very well-attended.

This year in 2019, TANAKA will also collaborate with Tsukuba University students to make a special exhibition, and will organize a panel session with the deputy mayor of Tsukuba city and other speakers.

INNOVATION WORLD FESTA 2019 Date: September 28th, 29th , 2019 Location: Roppongi Hills

Speakers in 2018

Hiroo Iwata Professor at Tsukuba University

Yoichi Ochiai CEO / Co-founder at Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. Media Artists / Professor at Tsukuba University

Koichiro Eto Media Artist Senior Research Scientist at AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Tamotsu Ito Deputy Editor-in-chief of Business Insider Japan