Insoluble Electrodes

Insoluble Electrodes

A broad range of electrodes coated with precious metals are available to suit each applications

Mainly anti-corrosive titanium substrates are coated with platinum or iridium.
Electrodes most suitable for use, including high current density, high chlorine generation and polarity reversal, are provided.
Plating with precious metals, including gold, ruthenium and palladium, are also available.


  • Available in various shapes and sizes, including plates, rods and expand metals.
  • Processing of titanium, coating of micromesh, and sintering of metal fiber bodies can be done.
  • Electrodes with plating thicknesses from 0.1 μm to several hundred μm are available.
  • Reduced running costs are possible through the recovery of platinum from titanium substrates, and recoating the platinum.

* The most suitable electrodes are provided to match the application such as chlorine generation, polarity reversal and high current density.

Electrode Lineup
Main electrode
Features Polarity
Chlorine generation
Micro-plate Low-cost, long-life Pt thin electrode Minimum Pt thickness: 0.1 µm
Pt/Ti Plating size up to 2000 x 1200 available
King plate
#70 Series
Pt-Ir electrode. Chlorine generation by polarity switching
King plate
#100 Series
Ir oxide electrode with high durability Chlorine generation ×

【Compatible with various shapes of base materials】

【Re-coating is possible】