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TANAKA is a precious metals specialist that excels at delivering innovation to the world that brings value to society. “Elements” is an online media circulated by TANAKA Precious Metals that focuses on technology and sustainability information in line with the business and values of the company. It provides hints for creating a better society and prosperous earth for the future in response to the rapid paradigm shift of the modern world.


A media for disseminating
information about technology to
support society for a beautiful future.

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The role of precious metals in hydrogen energy

Hydrogen energy has been attracting attention as a new age energy, and catalysts are of great importance when utilizing this hydrogen energy.Catalysts are required for the chemical reactions that create hydrogen, and also for the reactions that convert hydrogen into electricity.
Precious metals increase the activity of these chemical reactions. At TANAKA, we are engaged in the development of precious metal catalysts that are energy efficient, durable, and economic.

Professional Chemist

Business Strategy Division Deputy General Manager