About Elements

Creating technology to support society
for a beautiful future

TANAKA is a precious metals specialist that excels at delivering innovation to the world that brings value to society. “Elements” is an online media circulated by TANAKA Precious Metals that focuses on technology and sustainability information in line with the business and values of the company. It provides hints for creating a better society and prosperous earth for the future in response to the rapid paradigm shift of the modern world.


A media for disseminating
information about technology to
support society for a beautiful future.

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INNOVTION WORLD FESTA, one of the largest digital creative festivals in Japan, is co-hosted by J-WAVE and University of Tsukuba.
This year’s festival will be held on the theme of “The Future is Now,” and will be held on scale that transcends radio, implementing various technologies.
As a precious metals professional, the Tanaka Precious Metals, which supports the future of innovation, has been a sponsor of this event since 2018.