Precious Metal Elements Ag

Precious Metal Elements

Silver[  Atomic number47  Atomic weight107.8682  ]

Without silver, photographs would not have been invented. Found all around, including your mirrors.

Everyone was concerned for me at the hot springs, saying my complexion was poor. I don’t like the heat as much as my friends, so I got a bad burn last time I cooked at a dinner party with my buddies Osmium and Iridium.

Ag Silver
Atomic number 47
Atomic weight 107.8682
Isotope 107Ag, 109Ag
Crystal Structure fcc
Metallicity Trans.Metal
Shell/td> 2,8,18,18,1
Filling Orbital 4d10
Oxidation States 1
Atomic Radius Å 1.44
Covalent Radius Å 1.34
Atomic Volume cm3/mol 10.3
Density at 293K g/cm3 10.50
Melting Point 961.78
Boiling Point 2162
Specific Heat J/gK 0.235
Heat of Fusion kJ/mol 11.30
Heat of Vaporization kJ/mol 250.580
Thermal Conductivity at 273K W/mK 4.28
Specific Resistance at 273K 10-6 Ωcm 1.47
Coefficient of Linear expansion at 293K 10-6 K-1 18.9
Ionization Potential V 7.57623
2nd Ionization Potential V 21.47746
Electron Affinity eV 1.302
Electronegativity 1.93
Discovery year Ancient