Precious Metal Elements Os

Precious Metal Elements

Osmium[  Atomic number76   Atomic weight190.23  ]

Useful in biotechnology and forensic sciences.

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Os Osmium
Atomic number   76
Atomic weight   190.23
Isotope   184Os, 186Os, 187Os, 188Os 189Os, 190Os, 191Os
Crystal Structure   hcp (c/a<1.63)
Metallicity   Trans.Metal
Shell   2,8,18,32,14,2
Filling Orbital   5d6
Oxidation States   2,3,4,6,8
Atomic Radius Å 1.92
Covalent Radius Å 1.26
Atomic Volume cm3/mol 8.49
Density at 293K g/cm3 22.57
Melting Point 3045
Boiling Point 5012
Specific Heat J/gK 0.13
Heat of Fusion kJ/mol 31.80
Heat of Vaporization kJ/mol 746.0
Thermal Conductivity at 273K W/mK 0.876
Specific Resistance at 273K 10-6 Ωcm 8.1
Coefficient of Linear expansion at 293K 10-6 K-1 4.7
Ionization Potential V 8.43823
2nd Ionization Potential V  
Electron Affinity eV 1.1
Electronegativity   2.2
Discovery year 1804