Precious Metal Elements Au

Precious Metal Elements

Gold[  Atomic number79   Atomic weight196.966569  ]

In addition to being used for jewelry, this multitalented element is used for ultrafine wires in mobiles and smartphones, playing a hugely important role when conducting electricity.

My buddy Platinum thinks he’s great, but I’m better! Famous people throughout the ages have loved me. I’m also used to protect the surface of different things. Without me, there would be no industrial products.

Au Gold
Atomic number 79
Atomic weight 196.966569
Isotope 197Au
Crystal Structure fcc
Metallicity Trans.Metal
Shell 2,8,18,32,18,1
Filling Orbital 5d10
Oxidation States 3,1
Atomic Radius Å 1.44
Covalent Radius Å 1.34
Atomic Volume cm3/mol 10.2
Density at 293K g/cm3 19.32
Melting Point 1064.18
Boiling Point 2857
Specific Heat J/gK 0.128
Heat of Fusion kJ/mol 12.55
Heat of Vaporization kJ/mol 334.40
Thermal Conductivity at 273K W/mK 319
Specific Resistance at 273K 10-6 Ωcm 2.05
Coefficient of Linear expansion at 293K 10-6 K-1 14.2
Ionization Potential V 9.22553
2nd Ionization Potential V 20.20
Electron Affinity eV 2.30863
Electronegativity 2.4
Discovery year Ancient