TANAKA will exhibit at “EFCF 2021”, from June 29th – July 2th, 2021.

June 16, 2021

TANAKA Kikinzoku Kogyo and TANAKA Kikinzoku International (Europe) will exhibit at “EFCF (European Fuel Cell Forum) 2021”, virtual forum to be held in Lucerne, Switzerland from June 29th (Tuesday) to July 2nd (Friday), 2021.

At this forum, TANAKA will be introducing various fuel cell-related products using precious metals, such as electrode catalysts for fuel cells, electrode catalysts for water electrolysis and evaluation CCM, reforming catalysts, PROX catalysts, precious metal plating products and electrodes.

In addition, a session program on “Development of highly durable catalysts for PEFC” will be scheduled from 11:30 on Thursday, July 1st (Swiss time).

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