About Elements

Creating technology to support society
for a beautiful future

TANAKA is a precious metals specialist that excels at delivering innovation to the world that brings value to society. “Elements” is an online media circulated by TANAKA Precious Metals that focuses on technology and sustainability information in line with the business and values of the company. It provides hints for creating a better society and prosperous earth for the future in response to the rapid paradigm shift of the modern world.


A media for disseminating
information about technology to
support society for a beautiful future.

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TANAKA Original Content

TANAKA’s original content, such as interviews and contributed articles



From Product Discovery to Innovation Creation Trajectory of the Innovative Content Platform “Elements”

An economic system that circulates resources is the key to balance sustainability and business

The world’s first High-Entropy Alloy Powder made exclusively of precious metals


Precious Metal Materials And The Future Of Vehicles / Safety and Comfort

Circular economy of precious metals realized by the RE Series

Achieving Stable Supply Through Recycling
– Contributing to Decarbonization Using Advanced Materials –

Manufacturing born at the intersection between creativity and imagination


Precious Metal Materials And The Future Of Vehicles / Environment

Enhancing the Reliability of Precious Metals for Brazing Filler Metals in Power Devices

Precious Metals: Powering a Sustainable Future for the Auto Industry

New research from TANAKA breaks down the future of electric vehicles with insights from potential buyers


TANAKA Reception Party in San Francisco 2019 Report “TANAKA and the Evolving Semiconductor Industry”

TANAKA Accelerates Global Expansion of Plating Solutions Business

TANAKA Applies Ruthenium to Film Deposition in Semiconductor Front-end Processes

Strengthening the Bonding Wire Business – TANAKA Denshi Kogyo


Precious Metal Precursor

Catalysts – Recycling is the need of the times

Contribution: Current State and Future Outlook of Brazing

Description: Recycling Process for Precious Metals