TANAKA Develops ‘Active Brazing Filler Metal/Copper Composite Material’ for Power Devices

July 20, 2021

TANAKA Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. developed ‘active brazing filler metal/copper composite material’ for power devices that can reduce processing times.

New material will contribute to heat dissipation when used in next-generation heat sinks for power devices; process proposals and supply of prototypes tailored to customer needs also possible

The new product is a composite (cladding) of copper (Cu) material with Active brazing filler metal on one side. Since it can be joined directly to any material including ceramics (oxides, nitrides, and carbides) and carbon materials, it is expected that it will be used in ceramic substrates and next-generation heat sinks for power devices. In addition, TANAKA can make various proposals tailored to customer needs ranging from supply of prototypes using this product to brazing processes, testing, and evaluation.

20210720_TANAKA Develops Active Brazing Filler Metal Copper Composite Material for Power Devices.pdf