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Manufacturing bonding wires for more than 50 years since being established, TANAKA Denshi Kogyo is proud to be the world leader in supply volume. With production locations in five countries, it is possible to supply products globally. TANAKA Denshi Kogyo uses technologies acquired in the semiconductor industry to supply products of high reliability needed in all kinds of fields.

  • * Source: SEMI Industry Research and Statistics/TECHCET, April 2020

Precious Metal Wire One-Tenth the Thickness of a Hair—What are Bonding Wires?

Bonding wires electrically connects multiple layers of semiconductor chips and electrodes on printed circuit boards. What is mainly used for this are bonding wires made of extremely fine gold and other metals on the micron scale. These wires are about one-tenth thickness of a hair. In terms of the human body, these bonding wires play a role comparable to the nerves that link our brains to our bodies, and they are used in products that are essential for our lives.


First Successful Development of Gold Bonding Wire in Japan

TANAKA Denshi Kogyo K.K. (TD) was established on June 8, 1961 as a joint venture of TANAKA Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. and Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd. TD began development of gold bonding wires for silicon transistors, which at the time were next-generation semiconductors.
The important decision to commercialize gold bonding wires would determine the fate of TD, which had just been founded. The technology team involved in development was small elite force that had a strong desire to create high-quality products through their own efforts, but the road to successful development was steep and required repeated trial and error that far exceeded initial expectations. In 1963, however, their enduring efforts finally paid off and the team established the technology for mass production of gold bonding wires as they had envisioned. This is the cornerstone of the history of TD, which is the world’s leading manufacturer not just of gold bonding wires, but of all bonding wires.

Silicon transistor

Gold bonding wire

The Industry’s Highest Levels of Production Performance and World-Standard Quality

The World’s Largest Provider of Bonding Wires

Since its foundation, TANAKA Denshi Kogyo K.K.(TD) has produced bonding wires for more than 50 years, and boasts the largest supply volume in the world. Based on trust and a track record acquired through overwhelming production, TD will continue to meet customer needs into the future.

The TANAKA Brand Spans the Globe with Precious Metal Wires

Since TD established its first overseas production site in Singapore in 1978, it has expanded production to Malaysia, China, and Taiwan and supplies products all countries engaged in semiconductor production throughout the world.

TD Acquired ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Certification, Confirmation of its High Quality under International Standards

The TANAKA Denshi Group acquired certification under ISO 9001, the global standard certification for quality management systems in 1999, and under ISO/TS 16949 (later IATF 16949), a higher-level certification for the automobile industry, in 2004. TD provides high-quality solutions compliant with global standards to customers.

World’s Leading Provider
What are Bonding Wires?

Creation of a New Business Starting From Bonding Wires

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