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Thick Film Paste Solutions by Tanaka Precious Metals
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TANAKA has the integrated approach and extensive knowledge only possible from a precious metals company.

Thick film paste solutions

We perform integrated manufacturing and processing from powders to thick film pastes to suit customers’ needs.
Since 30% of our manufacturing staff members are dedicated development specialists, we can optimally realize required characteristics and maximize the performance of thick film pastes through our detailed service.

Paste products Inspection-shipment

Examples of thick film pastes

  • Pastes for electronic parts and circuits
  • Conductive adhesives for die-bonding
  • Precious metal powders for pastes
  • Low stress Ag adhesives
  • Ag pastes for LED boards
  • Pt and Pt alloy pastes
    for high temperature sensors
  • Ag pastes for LTCC

Shonan Plant

Kariya Office

Take a tour and experience one of our thick film paste development and manufacturing sites!

Interested parties may visit our Shonan Plant or Kariya Office in Aichi, which feature advanced analytical equipment in addition to our manufacturing facilities, as well as take a tour of our thick film paste manufacturing process. At our Kariya Office, customers are able to print and fire thick film pastes on their own samples in addition to conducting SEM and EDX analyses on-site. Please note that prior meeting will be held because preparation of pastes, printing boards and others for printing and firing is required.