Contact Welding Process

Electrical Relay and Connection Technology

Contact Welding Process

Our contact welding techniques enable welding of all types of contacts with a comprehensive system from prototyping to mass production.

Our contact welding techniques have enabled the welding of contacts of various shapes, such as crossbar contacts. Various techniques, such as spot welding to spring bases, are used to weld contacts. We offer high quality contacts with a stable bonding strength. In addition, we accept orders for any quantity, from stamped bases to automatically welded contacts.


  • High speed welding equipment used.
  • Supplied on reels for easy application to a mass production lines.
  • Crossbar contacts with a minimum thickness of 0.12 mm can be welded.
  • High quality is maintained with an integrated production line, from design and production of tooling to crossbar assembly welding.
      * In addition to welding, we also do riveting and resistance brazing.
  • Based on our abundant experience, we suggest options that enable cost reductions with an optimized amount of precious metals.
Enlarged view of the weld
Image of high-speed welding machine

The contact shape can be adjusted to suit the product application.

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