Bumping Wires

Electrical Relay and Connection Technology

Bumping Wires

Our bumping wire enables the formation of uniform and homogeneous bumps.

Our bumping wires are available with bump formation methods for increasingly smaller, thinner, and higher-density electronics packaging. Bumps can be formed on semiconductor devices, such as ICs and LSIs, and other microelectronic devices at a lower cost and with fewer irregularities.


  • Bumps can be formed with a minimum variance in neck height
  • Bumps can be formed with a minimum variance in shape
  • Suitable for small-volume production

Au Alloy Bumping Wire

GBC Type


  • In the high temperature storage test (200°C), the shear strength after bump formation, decreases less than other bumping wires (GBC)

Au Bumping Wire

GBE Type


  • Chips are not damaged during bump formation
[Neck height comparison graph] GBC, GBE, LOw loop wire, Middle loop wire, High loop wire

Neck Height

GBE type bump shape

Bump Shape

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