Gold and Gold Alloy Bonding Wires

Gold and Gold Alloy Bonding Wires

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Gold (Au) and gold alloy bonding wires with high performance continue to support the semiconductor industry. They boast chemical stability and excellent electrical conductivity not found in other metals. Through material development, we can achieve functions such as fine pitch and low loop while maintaining high purity.

HAZ Length and Wire Breaking Load [Au Wire dia. 25um]

[HAZ Length and Wire Breaking Load comparison graph] From left: Y/C/FA/GSA/M3/GHA-2/LC/GSB/GFC/GLF/GMH/GFD/GPH/GPG-3/GPG/GPG-2/GMG/GMH-2

GSA / GSB – Au Bonding Wire for Stable Stitch Bond


  • Stable stitch bond on QFN,QFP, BGA packages.
  • Good 2nd bond stitch remaining after pull test.
  • Good squashed ball shape and excellent FAB softness.

Stable Stitch Bond on QFN Packages(PPF, 175℃)

[Comparison graph of Frequency and 2nd Pull Strength] Average-GSA:4.3gf/FA:4.1gf/GSB:4.2gf/GHM:4.0gf

After Stitch Pull Test

[After Stitch Pull Test]GSA/FA/GSB/GMH

Squashed Ball Roundness

[Squashed Ball Roundness comparison] GSA/GSB/FA/GMH

GFC / GFD – Au Bonding Wire for Fine Pitch Bonding


  • Small deformation of squashed ball by ultrasonic frequency.
  • Wide actual bond area with suitable ultrasonic power.
  • Applicable for narrow pad pitch bonding.

Ball Shape

[Ball Shape Comparison] GMH/GFC/GFD, FAB:38-61µm,SBD:45-75µm
Upper  FAB : 38µm  SBD : 45µm
Middle FAB : 51µm  SBD : 60µm
Lower  FAB : 62µm  SBD : 75µm

35µm BPP Bonding

SEM image of 35µm BPP Bonding
Wire : GFCφ15µm
Bonder : Shikawa UTC-3000
Pad Opening : 2µm

Scatter Diagram at 35µm BPP Bonding

Scatter Diagram at 35µm BPP Bonding-GFC

Scatter Diagram at 35µm BPP Bonding-GFD

Scatter Diagram at 35µm BPP Bonding-GMH

GPH – High Reliability Au Alloy Bonding Wire


  • Higher bond reliability with halogen free compound

[Comparison graph of Failure ratio and Aging time] GPH/GPG series

Aging time comparison. GPH/GPG

GLF – Super Low Loop Au Bonding Wire


  • Lower loop height than conventional low loop wires.
  • Less damage at neck region.
  • Suppression of snake-wire.
  • Higher pull load than conventional low loop wires.

SEM image of ball Shape:GLF

GMG – High Strength Au Bonding Wire


  • High tensile strength wire enables cost reductions with finer diameters.
  • Applicable for multiple loop profiles used in BGA.
  • Excellent bump formation for a stack die package.

Mechanical Properties

[Comparison graph of Breaking Load and Wire Diameter]  FA/GMH/GMH-2/M3/GMG

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