Platinum Laboratory Instruments

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Platinum Laboratory Instruments

Platinum Laboratory Instruments

Advanced processing technology enables us to deliver high-quality products in a short lead time.

We offer platinum laboratory tools that are chemically stable and have an excellent weight consistency in air and under high temperatures. These laboratory tools are highly reliable under high temperatures or when used with acid or alkaline chemicals. High-precision processing enables us to deliver high-quality products in a short lead time. In addition, we have improved our lineup of peripheral tools, such as platinum tongs. Platinum crucibles and jigs for single crystal growth are also available in various sizes.

Analytical Platinum Tools (crucibles, evaporating dishes, bead dishes)


  • Laboratory tools can be delivered in a short lead time thanks to the use of dedicated collection lines and machining equipment.
  • Marking is possible almost anywhere on the product thanks to the use of laser markers.
  • Reduced variation in wall thickness thanks to high-precision processing (bead dishes).
  • Improved surface condition is possible by changing from conventional manual grinding to mechanical grinding (bead dishes).
  • Laboratory tools are available in various other alloys in addition to platinum.
  • Laboratory tools of various shapes and sizes are available upon request.

Bead wall thickness distribution graph

[Bead wall thickness distribution graph] New proceccing/Conventional processing

Bead wall thickness distribution graph plots the mean values of measurements along 8 lines obtaind by dividing the product into 45° segments.

Image of bead wall thickness thickness distribution

Image of Machine-ground bead dish

Machine-ground bead dish

Image of Laser marking sample

Laser marking sample


  • Various experimental and analytical tools

Experimental and analytical tools

Image of Experimental and analytical tools

Other Tools

Other tools used for analysis, such as platinum boats and tools for heat analysis are also available.
Please contact us for further details.

Single-Crystal Growth Tools


  • Tools of various shapes and sizes are available upon request.
    E.g.: LPE board holder, Cz seed holder, etc.
  • We can offer flexible solutions for materials depending on your requirements.


  • Oxide single-crystal growth tools

Oxide crystal growth crucibles

Image of Oxide crystal growth crucibles