Hydrogen Permeable Films

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Hydrogen Permeable Films

TANAKA has succeeded in developing an ultra-high purification process for hydrogen gas.

Palladium is the only metal that has hydrogen permselectivity. TANAKA has succeeded in developing a purification process for hydrogen gas that exploits this permselectivity. With our ultra-thin film processing technology and highpurification technology, we are able to offer highly reliable hydrogen permeable films with maximum hydrogen permeability.


High-purity hydrogen gas purifiers, steam reforming based hydrogen production units, etc.

Rolled Foils


  • Integrated processing, from alloy melting to rolling
  • Available for a wide range of palladium alloys, such as binary and ternary alloys
  • High-purification process that can minimize insoluble impurities

Dimensions and shapes available(Prototype samples for evaluation)

Thickness Width Shape
Minimum: 10 µm Maximum: 110 mm Sheets (square and circular)

* The ranges of plate thicknesses and widths that can be handled vary depending on the alloy composition.
* For specification range of repeat produced products, please contact us separately.

Diagram of hydrogen permeation mechanism by palladium