Recovery System for Precious Metals

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Recovery System for Precious Metals

We provide systems for recovering precious metals from precious metal plating lines.

We offer proposals for optimal recovery systems to suit the customer’s specifications, with the goal of reducing precious metal content in wastewater to nearly “zero.”

Recovery system for precious metals


Electrolytic recovery system: MINI Recover Cell

  • High recovery efficiency with special electrodes and sealed columns
  • TKK’s own developed high durability cathode electrode
  • Compact design enables installation at desired locations

Ion exchange resin/active carbon adsorption recovery system:Eagle RE/AC

  • Effective for recovery from lean solutions
  • Various types of ion exchange resin and active carbon adsorbents available to suit each type of solution
  • Simplified resin column replacement (recovery maintenance)


Recovery of precious metals (gold, platinum, and palladium) from waste plating solutions in the production of semiconductors and electronic parts, and recovery/rinsing solutions

[Plating tank] Waste plating solution → Collection of the solution, MINI Recover Cell [Recovery tank] Recovery solution → MINI Recovery Cell, Eagle RE [Rinsing tank] Rinsing solution → Eagle R


MINI Recover Cell

MINI Recover Cell

Eagle RE/AC

Eagle RE/AC

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