Precious Metal Compounds

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Precious Metal Compounds

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of precious metal compounds to suit each application.

Precious metal compounds are used as plating chemicals and catalysts in various industrial fields. We manufacture an array of compounds, from commonly used compounds, such as potassium aurocyanide and palladium chloride, to complex organic precious metal compounds, to suit various applications, and supply them utilizing our reliable quality control system.


  • Stable supply of precious metal compounds for plating etc.
  • Various organic precious metal compounds are available for use as homogeneous catalysts.

Fields of application

[Explanatory diagram - Fields of application of Precious Metal Compounds]  Environmental purification catalysts, Diesel emissions control catalysts, Vehcle emissions control catalysts, Photocatalysts, Deodorizing catalysts, Combustion catalysts, Fine chemicals, Petrochemicals oil refining, Electronics, Fuel cells, Decorative materials, Plating chemicals.

Precious Metal Compound Application Examples

[Precious Metal Compound Application Examples] Synthesis Catalysts - Petrochemical Products and Fine Chemicals
List of Compounds (Typical Examples)
 Pt    Hydrogen hexachloroplatinate(IV) hexahydrate
Diamminedinitroplatinum(II) nitric acid solution
Hexaammineplatinum(IV) chloride solution
Tetraammineplatinum(II) chloride
Tetraammineplatinum(II) hydroxide solution
* Bis(acetylacetonate)platinum(II)
  Palladium chloride
Palladium nitrate
Palladium sulfate
Tetraamminepalladium(II) chloride
Tetraamminepalladium(II) hydroxide solution
Palladium (II) acetate
* Bis(acetylacetonate)palladium(II)
* trans-dichlorobis (triphenylphosphine) palladium(II)
  Rhodium oxide
Rhodium chloride
Rhodium sulfate
Rhodium nitrate
* Rhodium acetate(II)
* Tris(acetylacetonate)rhodium(III)
* Chlorotris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I)
* (Acetylacetonate)dicarbonylrhodium(I)
* (Acetylacetonate)carbonyl(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I)
  Ruthenium chloride
Ruthenium oxide
Ruthenium nitrate
Hexaammineruthenium(III) chloride
* Dodecacarbonyltriruthenium(0)
* Tris(acetylacetonate)ruthenium(III)
  Iridium oxide
Iridium chloride
* Tris(acetylacetonate)iridium(III)
  Hydrogen tetrachloroaurate(III)
Potassium dicyanoaurate(I)
Potassium tetracyanoaurate(III)
Sodium bis(sulfito)aurate(I)
* Dichloro(1,10-phenanthroline)gold(III) chloride
  Silver nitrate
Silver cyanide
Potassium dicyanoargentate(I)

*Please inquire regarding mass production. Various other types are also available.

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