Bonding Wires

Bonding Wires

World’s Largest Provider(*)
TANAKA’s Bonding Wires

As the top supplier of the ever-evolving semiconductor field, TANAKA brings you sound products.

  • (*)Source: SEMI Industry Research and Statistics/TECHCET, April 2020

List of Types

  Wire Type
Thick Wire Fine Wire Coated Wire Ribbon
Wire Material Gold

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Gold and Gold Alloy Bonding Wires

More than 50 Years of Trust and Experience

Gold and Gold Alloy Bonding Wires with high performance that have supported the semiconductor industry. Especially, the key feature is the outstanding performance of electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, workability and chemical stability.

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Silver Alloy Bonding Wires

Giving Form to the Technologies of a precious Metal Maker

Silver has the highest conductivity and thermal conductivity. But it easily become sulfurized and had a problem in durability. TANAKA Denshi Kogyo K.K. has solved these problems and is successfully marketing the results as commercial products. Silver materials are less expensive than gold materials, customers can reduce material costs by about 80%.

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Copper and Copper Alloy Bonding Wires

The best product to reduce costs.

Copper and Copper Alloy Bonding Wires reduce costs approximately 90% compared to that of gold wires. In addition, these bonding wires feature excellent electrical characteristics including electrical conductivity and fusing current, making possible use in various devices including discrete semiconductors, QFP, and BGA. We also offer copper alloy wire and copper wire with a precious metal coating to enhance reliability.

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Aluminum and Copper Bonding Wires for Power Devices

The Standard for Power Devices

Wires for power devices are required performance that can be used with high current flows under harsh environments. Being formed into thick wires(range of 100 to 500µm) or ribbons, aluminum, which have excellent bondability and corrosion resistance, is used widely in the field of power devices. We also have wires for power devices that use copper, which has excellent electrical conductivity.

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About TANAKA Denshi Kogyo, Supporting the Semiconductor Industry

Creation of a New Business Starting From Bonding Wires

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