Sputtering Target Production Using Melting Methods and Vapor Deposition Materials

Sputtering Target Production Using Melting Methods and Vapor Deposition Materials

We offer high-purity targets and vapor deposition materials.

Precious metal thin films are used in various industrial fields.
We offer high-purity sputtering targets and vapor deposition materials in various shapes and sizes to suit every application.

Targets Manufactured Through Melting,and Vapor Deposition Materials


  • Target materials are free of pinholes, oxides and gases.
  • The quality of bonding with the backing plate is assured through ultrasonic flaw inspection.
  • High-purity precious metal vapor deposition materials are processed into granules, blocks, rods, wires and other forms.
  • Precision cleaned devices and jigs and reprocessed recycled precious metals can also be reprocessed into targets.
  • Grain sizes can be adjusted, from fine to coarse particles, according to your needs.


Material Standard items (wt%) High purity
items (wt%)
Gold 99.99 99.999 Au-Si, Au-Zn, Au-Sb, Au-Sn, etc.
Carat Au (9K to 18K)
Platinum 99.99
Iridium*1 99.9 99.99
Rhodium*1 99.9 Various alloys
Palladium 99.95
Silver*2 99.99 Various alloys

*1. High melting point materials, such as iridium and rhodium, are dissolved by a method that eliminates oxides, gases and pin holes before they are cast into various target shapes.
*2. Silver alloys with higher environmental resistance (sulfur resistance and humidity resistance) than pure silver metal can be manufactured.

Planar targets

Planar targets

Silver-alloy Targets for Reflective Layers and Electrodes

Reflectivity Immediately after Sputtering

Preparing Au-alloy targets and evaluating deposition

Prodaction of Au-alloy targets andtest production with depositions can be done.From the deposition samples,etc.,the most suitable material can de determined through quantitative comparisons.

Au targets forming film samples
(Carried out at our company)

Sputter Film La*b* Coordinaters