Nano-Silver Paste

Low-Temperature Sintering Nano-Silver Paste for Printed Wiring

Product image of Nano-Silver Paste

Nano/submicron Ag paste for low-temperature sintering

Nano/submicron Ag particles can be sintered at low temperatures. As pastes, they can be made into printed circuits at low temperatures. They are particularly suitable for printing on organic substrates, including PET film, which cannot be subjected to high temperatures.


  • Composed of Ag particles of 120 nm average diameter, organic polymers and organic solvents.
  • By curing (100℃~250℃) under air, low-resistance sintered Ag layer can be formed (refer to the figure below).
  • Wires of less than 100 µm can be printed by screen-printing.
  • Printed wires are highly durable when bent.
    After a printed wire had been bent 100,000 times (bending radius R= 0.5mm), no change in resistance was observed.
    (*Bending durability varies greatly depending on the base material.)
  • Ag paste appearance
    Ag paste appearance
    Ag concentration: 70wt%
    Paste viscosity: 60−120 Pa・s (10S-1)
  • SEM image of Ag particles
    SEM image of Ag particles
    Ag particles average diameter: 120nm
  • Printed wire image
    Printed wire image
    Printing base material: PET film
  • Enlarged image of wiring
    Enlarged image of wiring

Curing temperature and resistivity (under air for 30 minutes)

Graph: Curing temperature and resistivity (under air for 30 minutes)