Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell / Water Electrolysis

Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell / Water Electrolysis

Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell / Water Electrolysis product image

Development and Stable Supply of Catalysts toward Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (PEFCs) are already being introduced and used by countries around the world as an application of hydrogen use. In particular, they are starting to be adopted as power sources for mobility applications—such as buses and trucks—and stationary fuel cells. We provide a stable supply of electrode catalysts for such applications globally, and undertake the development of catalysts with even better catalytic activity and durability.
We also develop electrode catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis (PEMWE), which is being studied for adoption. Through these efforts, we contribute toward achieving a carbon-neutral society.

PEFC = Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
PEMWE = Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis

Standard Pt Catalyst

We explored and evaluated many carbon supports to bring out the performance of Pt catalysts. We also suppressed Pt elution arising from load fluctuation during fuel cell driving to improve durability and worked on the development of high Pt dispersion deposition methods. In this way, we developed high-performance and high-durability Pt catalysts, which are the current standard catalysts.

Product name Pt content (wt%) Carbon support
TEC10E40E 40 High surface area carbon
TEC10E50E 50
TEC10E60TPM 60
TEC10E70TPM 70
TEC10V40E 40
TEC10V50E 50

Platinum Catalyst TEM imagePt Catalyst TEM image

* Please inquire for carbon support type, platinum content, and alloy catalysts other than the standard products.
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Standard Platinum-alloy Catalyst

We developed PtCo catalysts with high oxygen reduction activity by optimizing the alloy catalyst deposition process and improving catalytic activity and dispersion.

Product name Pt content (wt%) Carbon support
TEC36E32 30 High surface area carbon
TEC36E52 50

* Orders compatible with different platinum content,
  carbon support type and alloy catalysts

Platinum-alloy (PtCo) Catalyst TEM imagePt-alloy (PtCo) Catalyst TEM image

Performance of Pt and PtCo as Cathodes
Graph for performance evaluation of Pt and PtCo catalysts as cathodes

Standard Platinum/Ruthenium catalyst

By thoroughly evaluating combinations of catalyst types and repeated development and optimization of processes, we developed PtRu-alloy catalysts with excellent tolerance to carbon monoxide toxicity. They have become the standard for anode catalysts of reformed hydrogen fuels.

Product name PtRu content (wt%) Molar ratio (Pt:Ru) Carbon support
TEC61E54 54 1:1.5 High surface area carbon
TEC61E54-HT2 54 1:1.5
TEC62E58-HT 58 1:2

*Orders compatible with different platinum content, carbon support type and alloy catalysts

Standard Platinum/Ruthenium catalyst TEM image
PtRu catalyst TEM image

Performance of Anti-Co Poisoning of Pt/Ru Catalysts, as Anodes
Graph for performance evaluation Anti-Co Poisoning of Pt/Ru Catalysts, as Anodes

Anode Catalyst for Water Electrolysis

The adoption of PEM water electrolysis is being studied as an application for hydrogen production toward achieving carbon neutrality.
We have been developing highly activity and durability electrocatalysts for PEM water electrolysis.
Please contact us for details.