Platinum Material for Glass Melting Equipment

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Platinum Material for Glass Melting Equipment

We offer glass melting equipment capable of withstanding harsh conditions that meet customer specifications.

Oxide (ZrO2)-dispersion-strengthened platinum materials are available to use with platinum equipment for producing high quality glass. Our platinum materials prevent the equipment or components from deforming at high temperatures, prolonging their service life. Platinum-rhodium and platinum-gold alloy dispersion strengthened materials are also available to suit customer specifications.

Dispersion Strengthened Platinum


  • Higher creep rupture strength and tensile strength at high temperature than conventional platinum materials
  • Much longer service life than conventional platinum materials
  • Smaller thickness with performance equivalent to that of conventional platinum materials
  • Lower cost with a smaller amount of platinum used


Bushings for glass fiber production, optical glass production equipment, glass production equipment for electronic components, thin glass production equipment, crystal glass production equipment, etc.

Cross-sectional diagram of crystalline structure

Oxide-dispersion-strengthened platinum
Oxide-dispersion-strengthened platinum

Normal platinum (melted material)
Normal platinum (melted material)

  • Because the aspect ratio (ratio of length and width) of the crystalline structure of oxide-dispersion-strengthened platinum is greater than that of normal platinum (melted material), creep strength becomes much higher and usage of precious metals can be reduced.
  • Crystal growth at high temperatures is reduced.

Creep Rupture Strength of Various Platinum Materials (1400℃)
Creep Rupture Strength of Various Platinum Materials (1400°C)

No. Composition(wt%) Melting
Pt Au Rh
Pt 100 1768 21.45 10.8
T1-Pt 100 1768 21.45 10.8
PtRh10 90 10 1850 20.10 19.2
PtRh20 80 20 1885 18.80 20.8
nanoplat™Pt 100 1768 21.45 10.8
nanoplat™R 90 10 1850 20.10 19.2
nanoplat™BP 100 1768 21.45 10.8
nanoplat™BPR 90 10 1850 20.10 19.2
PtAu5 95 5 1738 21.30 17.4