Precious Metals Nanoparticles

Advanced Technology

Precious Metals Nanoparticles

Clustered precious metal nanoparticles whose sizes are not at the atomic or molecular levels

With a reliable quality control system, we supply nanoparticles consisting of homogeneously dispersed clusters.


  • Superior nanoparticle homogenous dispersion stability with high precious metal concentration.
  • Compatible with the dispersion mediums of binary system precious metal composition and water.

What is precious metals nanoparticles?

  • The precious metals Nano cluster (particle size 1-100 nm) being dispersed into liquid or solid form.
  • The protection compound to variation of protective agent gives stable colloid form.
What is precious metals nanoparticles? -  Polymer, Organic ligand, Micelle

Precious Metal Nanoparticles

Product name Precious metal Diameter
Protective agent Dispesion type
 Au PVP Au 5~10 PVP*1 4 Water
 Pt PVP Pt 2
 Pd PVP large Pd 5~20
 Pd PVP fine 4
 Pt/Rh (Core/Shell) PVP  Pt Rh 2
 Pt/Pd (Core/Shell) PVP Pd
 Pt PAA Pt 2 PAA*2 2 Water
 Pt PEI Pt 3~5 PEI*3 ~0.5 Water
  • *1: PVP; Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone
  • *2: PAA; Polyacrylic Acid
  • *3: PEI; Polyethyleneimine
  • Other products available upon consultation. *Please inquire regarding mass production.

TEM Images

Hydrophilic type

TEM photo of Pt PVP


TEM photo of Pd PVP