Silver Alloy Bonding Wires

Silver Alloy Bonding Wires

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Silver (Ag) alloy bonding wires have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. They are also effective wires for optical semiconductor devices such as LEDs as they have high reflectivity in the visible spectrum. In addition, as an alternative material for gold (Au) wires, costs can be reduced by approximately 80%.

SEA / SEC – Ag Alloy Bonding Wire


  • Reduce material cost with good bondability
  • High reflectivity in short wavelength range
  • Low resistivity(SEC type)
  • Softer FAB(SEC type)


[Resistivity comparison graph] 4N-2.3/2N-3.1/SEC-2.6/SEB-3.3/SEA-4.7/LC-9.1/Bare-1.8/PCC1.9


[Reflectivity and Waverength comparison graph] Au/SEA/SEB/SEC/LC/Cu

FAB compression

Wire dia. : 20µm
FAB dia. : 38µm
Equipment : MCT-W500(SHIMADZU)
Compression : FAB dia.×20%(8µm)

Flat tool→FAB

[Compression load comparison graph]CLR-1A:88, SEA:70, SEB:67SEC:64, 4NAu(GFC):63


uHAST 110degC × 85%RH
Wire Diameter : 18µm
Halogen Free Resin
pH : 6.0-7.0 Cl content : 15ppm
(without ion trapper)

[Reliability] Failure ratio comparison graph. SEA/SEB/SEC

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