Silver Adhesive Pastes for Die-bonding and Thick Film Pastes

Silver Adhesive Pastes for Die-bonding and Thick Film Pastes

We support further integration of electronic components and offer reliable quality.

Precious metal pastes, powders, and conductive adhesives are widely used in various applications, such as circuitry and semiconductor die bonding.
With our fine-tuned technology, we offer the best quality products for precision circuits.

Silver Adhesive Pastes for Die-bonding


  • Lineup of silver adhesive pastes with high thermal conductivity for different uses
  • Highly reliable automotive products with good records of performance
  • Alternative to high-temperature Pb solder pastes
Part No. Type Volume
Features Use
TS-985sr.   Hybrid 7 160-200 Highly conductivity
Alternative to solder
Automotive power IC
Power module
TS-987sr. Hybrid 5 160 Highly conductivity
Alternative to AuSn solder
Laser diode
High-frequency module
TS-185sr. Epoxy 10 80 High conductivity
High reliability
Automotive power IC
Laser diode
TS-333sr. Thermo-plastic 25 23 High conductivity
Low stress
Automotive power IC
TS-175sr. Epoxy 32 13 High conductivity
Low stress
Power IC
RF module
Laser diode
TS-160sr. Epoxy 200 2.5 High reliability LED
Laser diode

*Hybrid = Sintering + resin bonding

・Semiconductor packages

Precious metal MOD Pastes (Former Metalor Products)


  • MOD (Metal Organic Decomposition) pastes provide smooth surface and dense fired film
Product name
Fired Thickness t=0.3μm
Fired Thickness t=0.8μm

Does not contain lead or substances regulated under RoHS2 Directive of 2019.
*Please feel free to contact us about other Precious Metal MOD Pastes.

Thick Film Pastes for Electronic Parts and Circuitry


  • Lineup of pastes, including lead free paste, in compliance with environmental regulations
  • The right paste can be chosen for the particular application
  • Integrated manufacturing, beginning with powdered materials, has enabled cost reduction
Alumina Substrate and Glaze Substrate
Conductors Product series Features
TR-1000 High reliability
For screen printing, etching, etc.
TR-2600 Good solder characteristics and adhesion strength on dielectrics
TR-4000 Reference standards. Lineup of various Ag/Pd ratios.
TR-5000 Electrodes for chip components
Resistant to penetration by plating solutions
TR-6000 Substrates for LTCC
Substrates for surface layers, external layers and Via
MH Possible to form a fine, low-resistance film
TR-3000 Low cost, low resistance and good adhesive strength
TR-2900 Good corrosion resistance during soldering
TR-7000 Used where high-temperature durability is required.
Substrates for wiring, heaters, and more.
TR-8000 Good migration resistance
Resistors Product series Features
EZ Good record of performance in fuel senders (contains lead)
HC Lead-free reference standards. Resistance value 10Ω – 1MΩ/□
RJ Lead-free low resistance products.
Resistance value 5Ω – 1000Ω/□
TR-9000 Realizes low resistance and low TCR. *Click here
for details.
Best for chip resistors and heaters
Insulators Product series Features
LS Lineup of glasses for overcoats, undercoats, cross wiring uses; lead-free available

* Lineup of pastes, including lead free paste, in compliance with environmental

Pastes for Aluminum Nitride Substrates


  • Lineup of pastes for aluminum nitride substrates
  • Applied to surge-protection elements, low-resistance parts, heater parts, etc.
  • Does not contain lead or substances regulated under RoHS2 Directive of 2019
Kind Product series Features
TN-491B Ag/Pd paste. Good compatibility, low resistance
TR-302XG Ag/Pd paste. High adhesion, good solder wettability
RAN RuO2, lead free.
Resistance value (10Ω – 1000Ω/□)
AX-9000 Ag/Pd, lead free.
Low resistance (125mΩ – 1300MΩ/□)
Low TCR (Hot 25 – 150 ppm) . *Click here for details.
AN-9000 Ag/Pd, lead free.
Low resistance (30mΩ – 500mΩ/□)
TCR (Hot 400 – 700 ppm) *Click here for details.

*Values of properties described here are representative values and may vary from standard values.