Precious Metal Powders for Pastes

Precious Metal Powders for Pastes

Precious metal powders of reliable quality, based on our solid technology, are provided for use in various fields.


  • Precise film formation is possible during sintering
  • Capable of coping with highly diversified substrates and increasingly thin electrodes
  • Various precious metal powders are available
Main Types and Features of Powders
Product name
Tap Density(g/cc) Mean Particle Size* (µm) Specific Surface Area(m2/g)
Platinum powder  AY-1010  3.0~7.0 1.0~10.0 0.5~3.0
AY-1023 0.9~1.2 9.0~15.0 24.0~30.0
AY-1050 9.0~12.0 0.4~1.2 0.8~1.2
Silver powder AY-6010 0.7~1.6 6.0~13.0 1.0~2.5
AY-6080 3.5~4.5 0.2~1.0 1.5~3.0
Silver oxide powder AY-6058 8.0~18.0 0.3~0.8
Palladium powder AY-4030 0.6~1.2 1.0~7.0 9.0~16.0
AY-4054 4.0~7.0 0.3~1.4 0.4~1.7
Alloy powder Ag-Pd Various precious Metal alloy powders are also available.

* Indicates 50% of the particle size measured by a particle size distribution analyzer.

Silver powder: AY-6010 and AY-6080