High-purity Materials for Evaporation, Bonding, and Sealing

Joining Technology

High-purity Materials for Evaporation, Bonding, and Sealing

We offer a wide variety of high quality products.

Various bonding and sealing materials for precision parts, including evaporation materials for semiconductor devices are available.


  • Gold and gold alloys are available in wire, ribbon, pellet, block, and ball forms.
  • Reduced trapped air and oxidized additives
Typical Compositions and Shapes
Item Shape
Wire Ribbon Pellet Block Ball
Au (99.99% , 99.999% )

Compositions other than listed those above are available
Composition range in between AuSn18 to AuSn30 is capable


Die bonding, wafer evaporation, bonding, sealing, etc.

Gold alloy series

[Gold alloy series product image] Wire, Ribbon, Pellet, Block

Au-Ge ball

Au-Ge ball

New product “SJeva”

  • Newly developed high-quality Au deposition material
  • Reduces the amount of non-metallic inclusions in a product
  • Given of extremely low level of non-metallic inclusions, contaminants that collect on the surface during melting of the deposition material are reduced, eliminating the need for cleaning.

SJeva (granules)
SJeva (granules)