Automotive Materials

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Automotive Materials

High functionality, low precious-metal content, and reliability TANAKA seeks to unlock the unlimited potential of precious metals.

Precious metals inherently possess excellent characteristics such as the following: contact reliability in harsh conditions; oxidative resistance in high temperature conditions; high activity that accelerates chemical reactions; and resistance to high-voltage discharges. To these characteristics, TANAKA adds the functions required for automotive materials and offers our customers new added value from development to function assurance.

Automotive Materials Development


  • Materials for highly-durable spark plugs made from iridium alloys and platinum alloys
  • Materials for O2 sensor heaters, reactive electrodes, and lead wire formation
  • Materials for multi-wire brushes and scratch brushes with high contact-reliability
  • Materials for colloids, nanoparticles, electrodes, catalysts, and joining materials

Developed Products

Spark plug materials

  • Iridium alloy chips for the center electrode and platinum alloy chips for the side electrodes
  • Low precious metal content cladding tape

Formation materials for oxygen sensor electrodes

  • Platinum and platinum alloy paste
  • Platinum plating process

Sliding materials

  • Multi-wire brushes
  • Scratch brush contacts
  • Small welded contacts


Iridium alloy chip
Spark plug

Pt paste
Oxygen sensor

Multi-wire brush
Throttle airflow meter