CVD/ALD Precursors

CVD = Chemical Vapor Deposition
ALD = Atomic Layer Deposition

Advanced Technology

CVD/ALD Precursors
CVD:Chemical Vapor Deposition
ALD:Atomic Layer Deposition

TANAKA develops and produces high-purity precursors for semiconductors and offers more environmentally-friendly recycling technologies.

Development and Provision of Precursors

TANAKA has developed various types of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) precursors. With CVD systems for producing thin semiconductor films and providing various analyzers data for evaluating thin films(field emission scanning electron microscope [FE-SEM], atomic force microscope [AFM], glow-discharge mass spectrometer [GD-MS], etc.), TANAKA offers precursors that are ideal for a variety of different purposes.

Examples of precursor products (ruthenium)

We develop precursors for precious metals, primarily focusing on ruthenium.

Product Name Structure
Ru liquid precursor
Ru liquid precursor
Ru solid precursor