Aluminum and Copper Bonding Wires for Power Devices

Aluminum and Copper Bonding Wires for Power Devices

The Standard for Power Devices

Wires for power devices are required performance that can be used with high current flows under harsh environments. Being formed into thick wires(range of 100 µm to 500 µm) or ribbons(range of 0.5 to 2.5 mm), which have excellent bondability and corrosion resistance, is used widely in the field of power devices. We also have wires for power devices that use copper, which has excellent electrical conductivity.

TAWN – Al Bonding Wire for Power Devices


  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent bondability

Cross Section after PCT

Long Winding Length

TABN – Al-1%Si Bonding Wire


  • Uniform distribution of Si
  • Stable mechanical property.
  • Good corrosion resistance under PCT.

Si Distribution in Wire

Loop Shape

TABR -Al Bonding Ribbon for Power Devices


  • Excellent corrosion resistance (Equal to TANW wire)
  • Corresponds to a multi size.
     Width  0.5mm~2.0mm
     Thickness 0.10mm~0.30mm
  • Satisfactory surface smoothness

Cross Section after PCT

Standard Size of TABR

CP-1 -Cu Heavy Bonding Wire for Power Device


  • Excellent electrical conductivity (40% higher than Al)
  • High fusing current(30% higher than Al)
  • Available diameter(φ100~500μm)


Fusing Current

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