Copper and Copper Alloy Bonding Wires

Copper and Copper Alloy Bonding Wires

Copper and Copper Alloy Bonding Wires product image

The best product to reduce costs.

TANAKA offers high-purity copper (Cu) ultra-fine wires (down to 15um) of oxygen-free copper grade as well as palladium (Pd) coated copper wire (PCC) added with oxidation resistance through precious metal coating. Costs can be reduced by approximately 90% compared to expensive gold (Au) wires.

CFB-1 – Standard Bare Cu Wire


  • Excellent stitch bond-ability and wide bonding parameter window
  • Stable continuous bond-ability

Continuous Bonding 2nd Pull Test

Continuous Bonding 2nd Pull Test : CFB-1

Continuous Bonding 2nd Pull Test : Convetional

CA-1 – High Reliability Cu Alloy Bonding Wire


  • Higher bond reliability
  • Wider bonding window
  • Lower resistivity

Bond Reliability

[Bond Reliability comparison graph] Bare Cu/CA-1

2nd Bond Process Window

[2nd Bond Process Window comparison] Bare Cu/CA-1

CLR-1A – High Performance Cu Bonding Wire


  • High and stable bondability
  • Excellent reliability
  • Wide bonding window

Comparison of features of CLR-1A/Bare Cu/4N Au Wire. Wire cost, Squashed ball roundness, 2nd bondability, Capillary life

FAB Shape and Roundness

FAB Shape and Roundness comparison

2nd Bondability

[2nd Bondability] 2nd Pull Strength comparison graph. CLR-1, Bare Cu

2nd Bond Parameter Window -CLR-1/Bare Cu


[Comparison graph of Electrical resistance on uHAST]  CLR-1(Halogen)/Bare Cu(Halogen)/CLR-1(Green)/Bare Cu(Green)

Storage Condition:130。C 85%
Failure =ΔR/R0>10%
Wire Diameter : 25µm
BGA Substrate(FR-4)
Mold resin : Conventional type

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