Copper and Copper Alloy Bonding Wires

Copper and Copper Alloy Bonding Wires

The best product to reduce costs.

Copper and Copper Alloy Bonding Wires reduce costs approximately 90% compared to that of gold wires. In addition, these bonding wires feature excellent electrical characteristics including electrical conductivity and fusing current, making possible use in various devices including discrete semiconductors, QFP, and BGA. We also offer copper alloy wire and copper wire with a precious metal coating to enhance reliability.

CFB-1 – Standard Bare Cu Wire


  • Excellent stitch bond-ability and wide bonding parameter window
  • Stable continuous bond-ability

Continuous Bonding 2nd Pull Test

CA-1 – High Reliability Cu Alloy Bonding Wire


  • Higher bond reliability
  • Wider bonding window
  • Lower resistivity

Bond Reliability

2nd Bond Process Window

CLR-1A – High Performance Cu Bonding Wire


  • High and stable bondability
  • Excellent reliability
  • Wide bonding window

FAB Shape and Roundness

2nd Bondability


Storage Condition:130。C 85%
Failure =ΔR/R0>10%
Wire Diameter : 25μm
BGA Substrate(FR-4)
Mold resin : Conventional type

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